Hi! My name is Jordan and I am a 24 year old who loves clothes, my Kia Soul Stella, and pineapples. I was born and raised in Surf City Huntington Beach, California. I graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Criminal Justice/Criminology and a BS in Political Science. I spend my days thinking about whether I want to be the next Olivia Pope, or dress people like Olivia Pope. In short, fashion is where my heart lies but the whiny liberal in me screams “Make America Nice Again!” For now this page will serve as my outlet for all things that occupy my time post grad. Learn about the people in my life to include my handful of college sorority sisters #itsnotfouryearitsforlife #wlfeo, the occasional poor soul that decides he wants to date this opinionated 5’4 loud mouth, and everything in between. This could range from political topics, to my thoughts on things going on in the media, or whatever comes to mind. Please don’t take what I say personally it’s purely my opinion based on what I’ve learned from a combination of research and my life experiences. I want to be entertaining and funny, but also real and raw. I feel that I owe it to readers and myself to not only show the best side of life, but also everything in between. You can check out my IG for only the good stuff. (; My hope is that you will get to see all the sides of what it means to be a “Blogging Brunette,” the good, the bad, and the ugly.